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Cody Canada and The Departed Inbetweener


[Verse 1]
Hey, when they sold your soul
Did they let you know
They were taking ninety-five percent of your gold
Took that pill and you choked it down
Always gets tight and then it comes unwound

Hey hey you’re not an inbetweener
Up when you’re down and you’re low when you’re high
Pay me I’m a believer
Gonna take it to the maker on the day I die
[Verse 2]
Your horse was loud when he stood up tall
They always wanna make you think they did it all
The truth is dead and it get in their way
They’ll just find another, they forget your name


[Verse 3]
When you come back
From what you’ve done
At the bottom of the bottle
And the ears are numb
Way up top
The only thing you’ve found
Should’ve known better
It’s a long way down

[Chorus] [x2]

Pay me!